image Cody Cobb | Photography | tumblr

 Blanchard, Louisiana

image Lauren Hensens | Painting | tumblr

 Denton, Texas

image LeAnn Mueller | Photography | tumblr

 Austin, Texas

image Jason Urban | Printmaking

 Austin, Texas

image Jared Moossy | Photography

 Austin, Texas

image Nathan Alexander Ward | Photography | tumblr

 Morgantown, West Virginia

image  Walker Pickering | Photography | tumblr

  Austin, Texas

image Brooke White | Photography

 Oxford, Mississippi

image John Hartley | Painting

 Fort Worth, Texas

art blogs: fly over art, beyond 9th avenue, in the new frontier, dim with beauty

a note from HQ:

fly over art | beyond 9th avenue | in the new frontier | dim with beauty

as some of you know i run a few regional art blogs here on tumblr. they’ve been inactive for several months (apart from dim with beauty, which only has a week and a half left of posts in the queue) and i’d made promises to continue posting at a later date but as time has gone on i don’t think that’s a promise i can keep. i’ve just gotten really busy with other things and have lost the motivation to keep those projects going. though from the outset i was never planning on keeping them going forever, and could never have anticipated they’d be as successful as they have been (for instance, fly over art was featured on the tumblr art spotlight and has about 74k followers).

anyway, i have some drafts saved for each blog and i think i’ll queue those up and let them run their course. i may pick up these projects again at a future date, maybe expand into different platforms, but i’m not going to make any promises.

all four blogs are archived and feature their own internal directories. so you can search artists on each blog’s respective archive page ”url+/archive” or you can search artists by state, city or medium on the states page, “url+/states”. i’ve also provided a full artist directory for each blog “url+/artists”.

thanks to all of the artists out there! to the lesser known ones: i hope i’ve been able to in some small way promote your work and keep you motivated to continue with your amazing practices.

to all the followers: thank you for your incredible support and patience. i hope you’ve enjoyed the artwork i’ve shared and have gained inspiration from all of the amazingly talented people out there.

to all the other art bloggers out there who have been going strong for years: i don’t know how you manage. you’re crazy but that’s why we love you. i certainly have a new found respect for what you do. keep up the good work.

i hope you have all enjoyed the sites, thanks for your support.

-nate burbeck

image Edward Rice | Painting

 Augusta, Georgia

image Jennifer Cox | Photography

 Austin, Texas

image Emily Blincoe | Photography

 Austin, Texas